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All the finals...

On Monday I'm having my last written exam and hopefully get the results of the previous ones. I know I passed the hardest, so I hope the others will be fine as well. Anyways, cross your fingers for me..

And now the show finales. Only 3 of my shows returned this spring. But they were all better than ever and I loved every finale.

Brothers & Sisters
- I loved the Everwood feeling in the end, and I'm getting used to the idea of the new Walker, though I hated it at first. I liked last year's finale a bit more, but it was still nice. And the episode before it is the best ever:)

Desperate Housewives
- The conclusion of the mystery was predictable, but it was great anyways. A few days ago, I had a nightmare with Wayne, fortunately I can't remember the details, lol. I loved all the BrOrson scenes, though I still hate Bree being so judgemental to him they are really sweet together. I liked the Gablos story too with Ellie, but I don't like how they screwed their friendship up with the money. And DING-DONG, the little brat is gone, lol. That was a long overdue.
I also loved the 5 year jump- Bree being a famous cook AND back together with Orson(L), Gablos finally having kids, Susan without Dullfino- it was like X-mas.

Grey's Anatomy- Wow. I was totally impressed/manipulated/whatever you call it. Christina telling Hahn to STFU was awesome. Getting to know about Meredith's and Alex's past is  always great, and Justin Chambers deserves a f*ing Emmy for this episode- Alex was heartbreaking. I loved all the kisses in the end, I don't care if they are a ratings ploy, I was leaning into the tv so many times.

Aww, now I need to STFU. The shows are over, but I can't wait to see the new season of Weeds and the SATC movie this summer.



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