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Random stuff

*I have 8 freaking days till my exams are finished. I can't believe it. My written results are fine, I hope I won't mess them  up in the verbal exams. Everyone please (or the limited amount of ppl who bother to read this crap) cross your fingers for me!

*I did a test about non-verbal communication in the administration course I've just started to do. The results were almost perfect, looks like I can read body language well. I've always been the observing type. I'm thinking about applying to a uni where I can learn psychology next year. Learning psychology had been my original plan for ages, I just wanted to start with something safer which would give me a job first.

*5 more days until the fourth season of WEEDS! I can't wait. I miss the one and only Celia Hodes so much. Me and one of my friends prepare to watch the premiere with some ice-coffee Nancy is always drinking. Btw, as much as I "don't care" about the Emmys, I really hope that Elizabeth Perkins will get it for her amazing work last year. So does Marcia, no matter what a b*tch they turned Bree into, she has done a fantastic job playing her.

*I'm gonna watch the series finale of Everwood tonight with my friend, Martin. I can't wait to see it, though I'm really gonna miss the show after running out of new episodes.



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