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I've been absent for a while..still looking for a job, though I found an agency looking for extras in reality shows and our country's most loved daily show that seems correct and legal. I try not to get my hopes up, but it looks good.

I can't believe I'm saying this but the new season of Weeds is boring me. Maybe it will get better now with the store business & Celia being around Nancy (my #1 closet ship at the moment, hehe), but I'm more into rewatching older eps to get my fix.

I'm also watching the third season of Alias. I'm halfway through it and it's really great. I'm glad they turned Vaughn's wife evil, it's more tolerable than the Miss Perfect she was portrayed as before. Now Sydney can just kill her and everyone can live happily ever after. But I don't want Sloane to turn out to be her real father, I love her relationship with Jack. I think the Veronica/Keith relationship on VM was inspired by them.

I'm trying to see the Mamma Mia movie next week. I'm already in love with the soundtrack and Meryl Streep has never done a bad movie. (Just rewatched by beloved Postcards from the Edge with mom).

Random stuff

*I have 8 freaking days till my exams are finished. I can't believe it. My written results are fine, I hope I won't mess them  up in the verbal exams. Everyone please (or the limited amount of ppl who bother to read this crap) cross your fingers for me!

*I did a test about non-verbal communication in the administration course I've just started to do. The results were almost perfect, looks like I can read body language well. I've always been the observing type. I'm thinking about applying to a uni where I can learn psychology next year. Learning psychology had been my original plan for ages, I just wanted to start with something safer which would give me a job first.

*5 more days until the fourth season of WEEDS! I can't wait. I miss the one and only Celia Hodes so much. Me and one of my friends prepare to watch the premiere with some ice-coffee Nancy is always drinking. Btw, as much as I "don't care" about the Emmys, I really hope that Elizabeth Perkins will get it for her amazing work last year. So does Marcia, no matter what a b*tch they turned Bree into, she has done a fantastic job playing her.

*I'm gonna watch the series finale of Everwood tonight with my friend, Martin. I can't wait to see it, though I'm really gonna miss the show after running out of new episodes.

All the finals...

On Monday I'm having my last written exam and hopefully get the results of the previous ones. I know I passed the hardest, so I hope the others will be fine as well. Anyways, cross your fingers for me..

And now the show finales. Only 3 of my shows returned this spring. But they were all better than ever and I loved every finale.

Brothers & Sisters
- I loved the Everwood feeling in the end, and I'm getting used to the idea of the new Walker, though I hated it at first. I liked last year's finale a bit more, but it was still nice. And the episode before it is the best ever:)

Desperate Housewives
- The conclusion of the mystery was predictable, but it was great anyways. A few days ago, I had a nightmare with Wayne, fortunately I can't remember the details, lol. I loved all the BrOrson scenes, though I still hate Bree being so judgemental to him they are really sweet together. I liked the Gablos story too with Ellie, but I don't like how they screwed their friendship up with the money. And DING-DONG, the little brat is gone, lol. That was a long overdue.
I also loved the 5 year jump- Bree being a famous cook AND back together with Orson(L), Gablos finally having kids, Susan without Dullfino- it was like X-mas.

Grey's Anatomy- Wow. I was totally impressed/manipulated/whatever you call it. Christina telling Hahn to STFU was awesome. Getting to know about Meredith's and Alex's past is  always great, and Justin Chambers deserves a f*ing Emmy for this episode- Alex was heartbreaking. I loved all the kisses in the end, I don't care if they are a ratings ploy, I was leaning into the tv so many times.

Aww, now I need to STFU. The shows are over, but I can't wait to see the new season of Weeds and the SATC movie this summer.
Lately I've been kinda going nuts about exams (whining and worrying instead of studying more, this is SO me), so I decided to steal this little thing from Doris to have something to look at which makes me happy during these times...

so here are the 10 not-so-dark-and-twisy-things in my life now:

*A new friend I have here who sent the nicest compliment ever to me last X-mas.
*Losing 5 pounds during 2 months and smoking 5 less cigarettes a day this year.
*My sunglasses and my hair extensions which make me feel prettier.
*The return of Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters next month.
*Michael/Kimberly, Amanda/Peter, Bree/Orson. Soulmates DO exist, at least on television, lol.
*My puppy who still runs faster than me, hehe.
*My dvd collection.
*Season 4 of Melrose Place coming out on DVD in April.
*Marcia Cross & Heather Locklear- the television girlfriends to squeeee over.
*ALL of my friends here, at home, and anyone who gives a damn about me.

Doris, I hope you won't mind the steal. And wow, it sounds like the ending of one of my favorite movies, Manhattan. And I'm happy right now :)


Sorry for not being here for a while, I just have to learn/work my butt off these days...Anyways, during the strike (which is SO OVER now, thank God), I watched the first two seasons of Everwood.
I can't stress enough how amazing this show is. Seriously. I first saw Season Two cause the first season was really hard to download and since my television girlfriend had her run in the second one I started with that one and absolutely loved it. Marcia did a great job with playing such a down-to-earth character compared to her two famous television roles. The acting on the show kicks ass on a general basis.
Then I just finished the first season this morning and it was even more amazing. Our main character is the goofy, often annoying but still likable Andy Brown who moves to the little town of Everwood after his wife's death. The first season is about the community of the town, the relationship between Andy and his son Ephram, and a surprisingly touching/interesting teenage love triangle. The second season is more focused on the characters' love life, but still is great and Marcia makes up for everything.
My favorite regular characters are Harold, the sarcastic and hilarious "other doctor", and Nina who is just a fantastic, strong, lonely woman going through some crap I wouldn't wish for my worst enemy.
I'm not spoiling any storylines for the fellow Marcia fans who haven't seen it, I just picked out some of my favorite episodes of the show:
Pilot (the best one I've seen next to Desperate Housewives & Pushing Daisies), My Funny Valentine (yeah, a Valentine's Day episode which isn't annoying even if you're single), Fear Itself (just heartbreaking), Home (one of the best finales ever),  Just Like In The Movies (Marcia gets serenaded) & Sick.
I'm gonna continue it with my friend Martin (like we did with S2), I think we will finish the show until my favorites return in late April. I can't wait:) And still a new Brothers and Sisters episode to watch for me today *happy dance*:)

Melrose Place quotes

Okay, a thread that probably noone's gonna reply to, but I've been on such a crazy Melrose high in the past few months. This show is just so cheesy, trashy, sexy, and the dialog still cracks me the hell up. And of course it has the one and only Marcia Cross  <3 I googled/typed down  some great quotes which I wanna save here in an entry. And a fabulous catfight video here.

Michael: Syd, I want a divorce.
Sydney: And I want to wake up tomorrow morning and sing like Aretha Franklin.

Amanda: What can I say, when God was passing out business sense, Jane was in the back of the line getting her nails done.

Kimberly: Why don't I take you home, cook you a nice big dinner, and then lick your wounds all night long.
Michael: Unfortunately, not even great sex, or great food could cure this melancholy...
Kimberly: How about cold cash then, how would that make you feel?
Micheal: All warm and fuzzy inside...
Kimberly: Mmmhmm. $5000 from Jane. Officially, she's calling it an 'accounting error'.
Michael: You're phenomenal.
Kimberly: What can I say? When there's something I want, nothing gets in my way.

Betsy (Kimberly's alter-personality right before she sets the sofa on fire): "Shame on you, Kimberly! Look at this place! Oh, it's disgusting! Filthy! Filthy lust on the couch! Michael is a bad, bad man!"

Peter: Talk is cheap, Amanda. Then again, so are you.

Kimberly: Let me introduce myself, I’m Mrs. Michael Mancini.
Amanda: What can I do for you Kimberly?
Kimberly: Oh something really simple, keep your clothes out of my husband. I don’t give a damn how sick you are, Michael is off limits for you for anything but professional purposes. Now I’m sorry that you don’t have a friend in the world, but if you need help I suggest you dial 180 get your own man!

Amanda to Sydney (regarding Bobby): "Sorry, I had a momentary flash of compassion. Fortunately, it's passed."

Sydney to Kimberly during their first psychotherapy session: "Before we start, I thought that since we know the same people, I'd use fake names if that's okay. I live in this beach house with this guy named... Bob. Who used to be married to my sister... Edna. Oh, this is ridiculous."

Sydney: "Temptation is a tough thing. It's like dandruff - you can't always see it but it's always there."

Michael: I should have let you die!
Amanda: Better luck next time.

I had a short gap without internet but I'm back! Although I was sad about learning that the strike is still on, but I'm happy to be back with you!:)
I rewatched the first season of Melrose Place (my dvds finally arrived). The season itself was lamer than I remembered, the only thing I loved was the Kimberly/Michael storyline. Even before they turned evil they were just so cute- their chemistry is amazing, and it was HILARIOUS to see Michael as a decent man apart from the adultery, and Kimberly being just a sad loner without a life (not that she wasn't in the later seasons, just more evil, hehe). I made a bunch of icons, they are my first so don't expect much, but I hope you'll like it.

01. 02. 03.04.
05. 06. 07.08.
09.10. 11. 12.

Halloween on tv

I've always had a thing for holiday episodes. Especially since we don't celebrate Halloween here, we just visit graveyards and see our loved ones who passed away. So I think I need to make an entry cause the Halloween eps of my shows were all just LOVE.

Grey's Anatomy's Haunt You Everyday was brilliant. The very last scene with Meredith and Richard putting Ellis's ashes finally to rest (look at my avatar, lol) was the most beautiful episode ender ever. It was so respectful and I love the symbolism that they were kinda washing her off their hands. The medical cases were the best in a long time- Earboy was a cutie pie, the old man getting his daughter's heart was so touching/sad, the guy cutting off his foot kinda made sense considering the theme of the episode- most of the characters needed to "cut off one foot" to be able to function again. Norman saying out loud what has been desperate to be said for 4 seasons ("You all need a very good shrink") was hysterical. I love the show again now except for McDoucheBag (Meredith is so much better off without that passive agressive, self-absorbed jerk- other than his friendship with Mark I can't stand him anymore) and the GizzMe grossness.

Pushing Daisies had a cute episode as always. I figured out the mystery early in the episode and it made me so happy (I know, pathetic) :D I felt really bad for Ned when they showed the flashback about him trick-or-treating :( Emerson saying "I miss you too, can we go on with this?" and Olive riding a horse cracked me up. Though every episode ending with an oh so cute Ned/Chuck moment is getting kinda old.

Desperate Housewives was brilliant, one of the best episodes of the entire series. I found every storyline incredibly emotional, and the comedy was great too with everyone dressing up for Halloween. This was the first time I paid attention to Joy Lauren as an actress- she was very good imitating Bree at the party, and I loved the scene with her, Marcia and the baby. Lynette getting the news about the cancer was also amazing with the music, Felicity's acting and everything. I'm worried about Carlos now:( He's definitely my favorite Wysteria husband next to Orson and even though I'm not reading spoilers anymore I know someone's supposed to die soon:( I don't wanna know who is, but I have a feeling that Victor dying would be too obvious.

I have 8 more episodes of the first season of Brothers and Sisters to watch. I try to watch it slowly cause of the hiatus most of my shows are already making and the strike coming soon:( But it's a truly amazing show and I love it. My favorite characters are Nora (Sally Field is so LOVE) and Justin.

Premiere week

I'm the most relieved and happy to have new tv to watch every week after a LOOOOOOOONG summer:) A few thoughts about all the shows I watched.

Desperate Housewives- Definitely the most pleasant surprise. I didn't like the lastest season and after the finale I didn't dare to expect anything, but this episode was all around amazing. The balance between comedy, drama & mystery was so well done, like back in Season One. Big hugs for Marc Cherry <3

Dirty Sexy Money- Felt like a sitcom version of Dallas. Didn't blow me away but it was very entertaining and I'll give it a few more episodes.

Gossip Girl- To be honest it's not my type of show and I watched it only because of the Veronica Mars voiceover, so I won't go further into criticizing. Let's just say I didn't like it.

Grey's Anatomy- That was kind of a bland episode. Uninteresting patients, no very moving/sad or very funny storylines. I also think they are trying to force Lexie's character on us. I'm afraid the show lost its magic. I only liked the Mark/Derek conversation and Mer/Der in the end.

Heroes- Plot holes, and new soapish storyline about evil mexican twins, meh. Only Hiro's parts saved it for me, that guy is just the cutest and I loved his storyline of travelling back in time.

- I haven't seen any other vampire shows so I can't really compare, but apart from the annoying girl the main character falls for I found it entertaining. Jason Dohring plays a vampire version of Logan which is not a bad thing. Ah, and they played My Immortal in the end.

Private Practice
- Decent first episode. Not the most original show ever, but the acting is amazing and the characters have potential.

first entry

Hi all!
I'm 18 and live in Hungary. I love horses, tv shows, music, and meeting new people.
I hope I'll have an idea to post something proper here soon.
Love and Light,


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